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  • BaBylissPRO Shaver Single-Foil Replacement Kit
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    BaBylissPRO Shaver Single-Foil Replacement Kit

    Part #: 1617
    • Replacement Foils & Cutters for UV Single Foil Shaver
    • Designed for durability and precision
    • Provides a consistent and close shaving experience
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  • BaBylissPRO UV-Disinfecting Single-Foil Shaver
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    BaBylissPRO UV-Disinfecting Single-Foil Shaver

    Part #: 1616
    • UV-Disinfecting Lid 
    • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
    • UV Light Indicator
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  • Detroit Grooming Butter Traverse City 2 oz.

    Part #: 1311
    • Scent: Cherry Tobacco
    • Made with the finest ingredients that include organic + natural oils that are vitamin-rich
    • For proper beard nourishment
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  • WINNERS Beard Comb and Bottle Opener

    Part #: 6638
    WINNERS Polished Aluminum beard comb bottle opener is a prime example of style and functionality. This sleek yet sturdy comb will tame the wildest beard one minute and open your favorite IPA the next. Certainly a must have for all true beardsmen.
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  • WINNERS Beard Oil 1 oz.

    Part #: 6637
    WINNERS Elite Beard Oil is the first ultra premium beard oil that contains caffeine. Caffeine has been used in hair products for years as a way to stimulate growth and thicken the hair while keeping the hair strong and healthy. Its time to apply these rules to facial hair! The scent is the exact same as our tried and true formula in WINNERS Original. Notes of sweet Vanilla and masculine tones of Sandalwood mix with the moisturizing properties of Jojoba and the cleansing, disinfecting properties of Sweet Almond. WINNERS Elite Beard Oil will moisturize your beard and skin relieving itchy irritation caused by growing a beard. It will also keep your beard looking and smelling great while caffeine stimulates growth and thickens your beard. Grow your beard and Grow your Confidence with WINNERS Elite Beard Oil. You will not find a better beard oil on the market.
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  • WINNERS Liquid Balm After Shave 1 oz. (Caffeinated)

    Part #: 6640
    • Specifically designed for ultra competitive, active men and elite athletes.
    • Formulated to reduce post shave irritation and eliminate razor bumps. 
    • Anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel soothe the skin while the disinfectant properties of sweet almond oil clean, moisturize, protect
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  • WINNERS Straight Razor

    Part #: 6639
    - Made of high quality durable metal - Lock in clasp holds disposable blades firm - 3 Professional grade disposable blades included - Full grain leather carrying pouch makes travel easy WINNERS Straight Razor is for men who want to shave like men. This straight razor will give you laser sharp lines when edging in your beard. It will also give you the closest shave of your life should you make the ridiculous decision to shave your beard completely off (not recommended). This razor comes complete with 3 disposable blades to get you started as well as a full grain leather carrying pouch. WINNERS Straight Razor provides a much closer shave than multi-blade razors with much more cost efficient replacement blades. It's a WIN-WIN!
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